A Comprehensive Guide on NetSuite Partners

Cloud ERP systems like NetSuite can enhance business operations and overall efficiency dramatically. Business owners, however, face a complex challenge when selecting the appropriate ERP module as well as analyzing the necessary customizations and integrations to meet their specific needs. NetSuite partners bring this expertise to the table. These partners offer a variety of services, from implementation to ongoing support, each tailored to specific business needs. Since many businesses may lack the technical expertise, collaborating with the right NetSuite partner can provide the necessary guidance and support to effectively implement a solution that aligns their business and ERP system seamlessly.

This guide will help you understand about different types of NetSuite partners, their benefits, and key factors to keep in mind when choosing the right one.

What is a NetSuite Partner?

A NetSuite partner is a certified consultant specializing in providing tailored NetSuite software solutions to align with your business objectives. These partners offer comprehensive consultancy services to guide you seamlessly through your NetSuite journey. They also play a crucial role in facilitating the implementation and customization processes, ensuring the effective transformation of your business operations. NetSuite partners are categorized into various specialties, each catering to distinct business needs effectively.

Types of NetSuite Partners

1. NetSuite Alliance Partners

These partners focus on providing custom implementation, integration, and migration services for NetSuite. They do not handle NetSuite licensing directly but offer comprehensive services, from consulting to support.  Alliance partners have a reach both globally and locally. They can offer you support remotely as well as on-site based on your location.

2. SuiteSuccess Partners

These are independent software vendors that help you implement NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess product. SuiteSuccess partners guide you through the entire implementation journey, from initial setup to comprehensive platform training. They also build custom extensions and applications for the SuiteSuccess platform to meet specific business needs.

3. NetSuite Solution Providers

The Solution provider partner provides full-fledged NetSuite services. This includes NetSuite licensing, implementation, and ongoing support. They typically have years of experience in NetSuite consulting and implementation.

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4. NetSuite Commerce Partner

NetSuite commerce partner specialize in implementing and managing NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform. This program allows companies to tie up with top digital marketing agencies. This type of partner helps you set up a robust omnichannel experience based on NetSuite Commerce Software. 

5. NetSuite Referral Partner

NetSuite referral or affiliate partners do not provide any NetSuite services directly to clients. They simply help businesses that might benefit from NetSuite ERP services connect with Oracle NetSuite’s direct sales team.

6. NetSuite BPO Partner

NetSuite BPO partners provides business process outsourcing and BPaaS solutions through the NetSuite platform, helping businesses streamline operations and reduce costs. They offer services like Outsourced CFO, CAS, and non-finance outsourcing, enhancing visibility, reducing client churn, and accelerating time to value. These partners enable organizations to focus on core competencies while benefiting from efficient and scalable outsourced services.

7. NetSuite Accounting Partner

A NetSuite Accounting Partner is an accountant or accounting firm designated as a partner by NetSuite. This designation signifies their expertise in working with clients who use NetSuite for their accounting software.

NetSuite Accounting Partners receive a free user license, allowing them to access and review their clients’ financial reports and monitor key financial processes remotely.


Benefits of selecting a trusted NetSuite partner

Whether you like it or not, all businesses are created through partnerships. When you work with a NetSuite partner, you ensure that implementation goes well and create a long-lasting partnership built on trust.

1. Smooth Implementation with Partnership

Partnerships with trusted NetSuite providers ensure smooth implementations. A long-term, trust-based relationship nurtured by this collaboration benefits your company continuously.

2. Tailored Support and Expert Guidance

A NetSuite partner deeply understands your needs and can thus provide better support and guidance than third-party vendors. 

3. Access to Industry Experts

Working with a partner gives you access to industry professionals who have been doing this for years. They can highlight your bias and provide unbiased guidance to help you progress further. 

4. Strategic Pricing and Negotiation

NetSuite partners understand how to negotiate pricing on your behalf. With deep experience, they can compete with NetSuite’s direct sales team on various fronts, such as pricing, discount offerings, fixed price quotes, and exclusive financing options that aren’t generally accessible when procuring directly from NetSuite. 

5. Enhanced Value Through Bundling

By bundling your licensing and implementation services, partners ensure you obtain better value on a proficiently executed solution.


When should you choose a NetSuite partner?

  • You have complex business processes 

If you have complex business processes and dont have much understanding of Netsuite, it’s time to get a Netsuite partner who has worked in your industry before. As they have worked in industry before, they understand the challenges you will be facing and guide you better. Although knowing NetSuite is good, having domain experience and IP makes a large difference. 

  • You lack adequate NetSuite training

Each NetSuite module is software and requires special training to use it effectively. Whether it’s training you and your team members on new modules or starting new NetSuite projects, a Netsuite partner can guide you effectively.  Having a partner ensures that your employees are learning directly from learned consultants. 

  • You wish to achieve more results with NetSuite 

NetSuite capabilities are endless. You might have a feature in mind that you need to implement but aren’t getting time or do not have enough knowledge to make it happen. You might also have pointed out a few optimizations within the software that can make your work easier. If yes, this is a sign that you need a NetSuite partner. 



Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a NetSuite Partner

1. Technical Experience In NetSuite Implementation

Look for a partner with a strong history of successful NetSuite implementations. Secondly, check whether they have domain expertise in your industry, as this will ensure that they understand your challenges and provide solutions accordingly. 

Also, ensure they have the necessary certifications and are updated with the latest NetSuite features. They should be able to handle complex customizations and integrations. A good partner will also be innovative and solve problems quickly. By selecting a partner with solid technical skills, you can be stress-free for a smooth and efficient NetSuite implementation that aligns with your business needs. 

2. Impact on Revenue

When selecting a NetSuite partner, consider how they can boost your revenue. A reliable partner goes beyond just installing the system; they find ways to make your business more profitable. 

Partner should understand your company’s way of working and can customize NetSuite to make things run smoother, save money, and get more done. Look for past working experience and how they have helped other companies make more money. Ensure their ideas match up with your financial goals. By picking a partner who helps your bottom line, you get a system and an investment in your business’s success. 

3. Flexible Payment Options and Leverage

When choosing a NetSuite partner, explore their payment options. A good partner should offer flexibility to accommodate your budget and financial preferences. Look for partners willing to negotiate terms like milestone-based payment or subscription models. This flexibility makes the investment more manageable and aligns with your cash flow needs. Additionally, inquire about financing options, further easing the financial burden. By choosing a partner with flexible payment options, you can ensure an easy transition to NetSuite without burdening your finances. 

4. Constant Communication

When choosing a NetSuite partner, ensure constant communication is on your priority list. A good partner keeps you informed at every stage, promptly providing regular updates and addressing concerns. Look for partners who value transparency and maintain open channels for feedback. Consistent communication ensures the project stays on track and resolves any ongoing issues quickly. Choosing a partner who prioritizes constant communication can create a collaborative environment that supports project success. 

5. Post-implementation support

Once you have set up NetSuite, having constant support is key. Look for a partner who offers help when things go wrong, updates the system and guides your team on how to use it. This ongoing support ensures everyone can make the most of NetSuite and adapt to changes. Check if the partner has a good support system and is committed to working with you long-term. Choosing a partner with solid post-implementation support ensures NetSuite stays valuable and your business runs smoothly. 

Why choose ERP Peers as your NetSuite Partner?

ERP Peers’ experts have years of experience working on multiple complex NetSuite projects across various industries worldwide. We have helped over ten NetSuite clients set up the software. Here’s why you should choose ERP Peers as your NetSuite partner in india.

  • Personalized Approach 

We take time to understand your business processes and challenges. This personalized approach helps us provide NetSuite implementation that’s finely tuned to optimize your workflows and drive efficiency. We also ensure the solution is fully customized to fit your business requirements. 

  • We are certified 

ERP Peers team members have a wide range of NetSuite certifications and specializations. As a result, when you trust us with your project, you entrust it to the hands of professionals who have worked in this industry for a long time. They understand the minute intricacies of the industry that an untrained eye will completely miss. 

  • Industry Knowledge

ERP Peers has a proven history of working with diverse industries, bringing insights and best practices tailored to your sector. Our industry knowledge accelerates customization and ensures you leverage suitable functionalities, which is crucial for a successful ERP implementation.

  • Transparency and Communication

We pride ourselves on transparency, ensuring you are well informed at every step of the implementation journey. Our collaborative approach means you are part of the decision-making process, fostering a sense of ownership in the solution.

  • Post-Implementation Support

ERP Peers offers post-go-live support packages, which are crucial for maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of your ERP system. This support ensures that your operations remain streamlined and efficient even as your business grows and evolves, providing ongoing assistance to meet your changing needs.

List Of Top 10 NetSuite Partners

  1. ERP Peers
  2. Anchor Group
  3. Folio3
  4. SCScloud
  5. Crowe
  6. Scalenorth
  7. Protelo
  8. RSM
  9. 360 Cloud Solutions
  10. Cumula3 Group


An ERP system is a core component of every business. Implementing this powerful system with a trusted partner company can help you achieve tremendous growth and a long term success with customer satisfaction. Teaming up with experienced NetSuite partners means you will benefit from their expertise and experience for your business.

We hope this guide helps you choose the right NetSuite Partner and grow your business. If you wish to talk to experts, ERP Peers NetSuite experts are always ready to help you. 


A NetSuite partner brings expertise and experience to ensure a smooth NetSuite experience. They'll configure NetSuite to perfectly match your business workflows and needs, ensure a streamlined setup process, avoiding costly delays and hiccups.

A NetSuite Alliance Partner collaborates closely with NetSuite on a strategic level, while a NetSuite Solution Provider focuses more on offering services like implementation, integration, customization, migration, training & support, etc. for clients.

NetSuite partners handle the entire setup process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new system. They also help in integration, customization, training & ongoing support and help you optimize NetSuite.

Look for certifications such as NetSuite SuiteSuccess, SuiteFoundation, and industry-specific certifications. Look for partners with industry specific expertise and case studies similar to your niche.

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit partnering with NetSuite partners. Small businesses gain access to enterprise-level software, while larger companies streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Verify credentials by checking netsuite admin lisence number, relevant certifications, industry experience, client testimonials, references, and case studies to assess the partner's track record.

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